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Circle of Excellence Award Winner.

Thanks goes out to all the members of our NCHOG chapter and to CMA for their help in making our events a success.
this opportunity to say thank you for making North Cascades your Harley-Davidson store of choice. We have endeavored to create a family atmosphere at North Cascades and are thankful for each of you. Whether your purchase is large or small, or if you are window shopping and wishing, we appreciate your business! Ride safe and have fun!

Our HOG Chapter consists of a diverse group of Harley-Davidson riders from the Canadian border to the South Seattle areas. During our meetings and rides, you will meet people from every walk of life with two major things in common: We are all customers of North Cascades Harley-Davidson; and we all enjoy crusing the highways and byways.




We have DEALER POKER CHIPS for your poker chip collection!




What’s New? The New 2014’s Are Here!
The machines Harley Davidson Motor Company builds and the improvements made are born from the dreams of all of us who ride: the men and women out in the wind on the world’s asphalt, and the men and women of the Motor Company. Run your eyes over the new 2014 model year line-up. This is what happens when dedicated riders re-imagine the possibilities, get in the saddle and turn them into true Milwaukee steel.

The New Fat Bob

Riders from around the world put their heads together on our next aggressive custom street machine. The result is the re-designed Fat Bob motorcycle. Blacked-out badness and surly attitude on a massive scale.

New Brake System and Optional ABS on the Sportsters

A powerful new braking system with optional anti-lock brakes (ABS) puts even more sport in the Sportster motorcycle line. There’s no such thing as too much confidence in your stopping power.

Have we got your interest yet? Pay a visit to Jeff or Angie at North Cascades Harley Davidson, and ask to have a look at the all new 2014 models. You won’t be disappointed!


The mission: Get in the saddle with other riders and build the most satisfying touring motorcycle modern technology can create; without walking away from the things that make it a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

 V-Twin Power: More low end torque, passing power and perfect sound. More of the feeling we all want from our engine. And you’ve got a self adjusting new hydraulic clutch on most models. Welcome to the next level of Harley V-twin power.

Night Vision: New Daymaker LED headlamps and fog lamps and new dual halogen headlamps and fog lamps give you more punch and spread into the darkness. And bright new LED taillights and Tour-Pak luggage lighting makes you more conspicuous to the cagers.

One-touch Design: Every compartment on the motorcycle can be opened with a single touch of one hand while you’re wearing gloves- saddlebags included. Because not a single individual wants to balance something on the seat before stowing it in the bike.

Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS: The new Reflex linked brakes with ABS come standard on many Project RUSHMORE models. The totally redesigned system features dynamically, electronically linked brakes to deliver optimum braking power to each wheel. This is one more prime example of technology that truly makes a difference.

Riding Shotgun: Your time in the passenger saddle just got better. You’ve got more room, a more comfortable seat, new back and arm rests. It all adds up to best-in-class comfort. We all want to go farther, and when the ride is more comfortable, you can.

Project RUSHMORE. Your next epic journey starts now.


Last Update 8/30/14
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